Bayern Munich Sack Carlo Ancelotti

Bayern US Website-  Following an internal analysis in Munich on Thursday 28 September 2017, FC Bayern München have announced the club is to part company with head coach Carlo Ancelotti with immediate effect.
Assistant coach Willy Sagnol will take charge of the team on an interim basis.

Hey, Ancelotti! Hasta la vista, baby!! After PSG bent Bayern over and asked them, “Who’s your daddy,” (shoutout Baker Mayfield) Bayern decide to cut ties with Italian manager Carlo Ancelotti. It maybe be a little stretch of a overreaction. But, the truth is the truth, Bayern just doesn’t look the same. Really since Pep Guardiola left, it isn’t the same Bayern. And I get it, no Phillip Lahm, and no Xabi Alonso. Two legendary players. Not even close to the ends of their careers. But almost 2 months into the year is a little early to be firing your head coach. I’m sure their knowledge, and experience, and leadership, something they probably miss this season, but if you think they won’t finish  as contenders of every title they compete in, then you need to delete your account.

Yes, it’s true, Ancelotti was being a cheap fuck. When you lose Lahm and Alonso, you would think they would be ready to spend money PSG style. Ok maybe not like PSG, but at least 1 transfer to liven the organization a little bit. Look, I like James Rodriguez as much as the next guy, but getting Rodriguez on a loan from Madrid is like finding a quarter on the ground, it’s nice and useful, but chance are your going to forget it’s in your pocket and won’t use it. Now was the time to go out and overspend on players like Yaya Toure, or Nainggolan, really secure that midfield. But no, they go out and get Tolisso, who is good, he can play, but for a world class team, you need world class players. Kimmich is an underrated talent, but at RB he just isn’t cutting it.

I solely think the main reason for firing Ancelotti is becuase of this Champions League loss. The league title is basically a lock. But something that everybody knocked Guardiola for, was not winning the Champions League. So when you go out, and show a sorry display of football in Paris, THATS THE RESULT YOUR GOING TO GET!! NOW IF YOU WANT TO CROWN PSG, THEN CROWN THEIR ASS!! BUT THEY ARE WHO BAYERN THOUGHT THEY WERE! And they let them off the hook!!!

RIP Dennis Green and Carlo Ancelotti


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