If You Don’t Feel any Emotions for Egypt Qualifying for Russia, Than Your a Heartless Fuck!


Last night, Egypt clinched their ticket to Russia, and in the process, clinching their first WC since 1992. 25 long years of misery, war, revolution, and World Cup-less summers. Obviously, the latter is not even in the same stratosphere as the former. But watching the people of Egypt go INSANE celebrating the qualifications, you would swear the World Cup would be just as important as the other ones. Listening to the announcers yell in that dialect is amazing. I had no idea what he was saying, but, his emotions where second to none. It’s up there with the AGUEROOOO, DENNIS BERGKAMP, and the Icelandic announcer in the ’16 Euros. I mean, just when the penalty was called, he was already thanking the higher ups. Genuine emotion is a beautiful thing to see.

When you think of soccer crazed countries, you think Brazil, Argentina, Germany. You don’t exactly expect Egypt to cross your mind. It’s King Tut, Pyramids, and that lion-man-dog looking thing. That’s cool, a country known for tourism, and archeology. But Mohamed Salah and co. have brought soccer hope, to a country, that has lost in round three of the last 3 qualifications stages.

Any who, they join Poland, Nigeria, and Costa Rica, as the teams that qualified over the weekend. Gunna need that Pyramid building power to get out of group stage in Russia, Best Wishes.

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