Last Night was a Great Day for the Soccer Brand!

Well, maybe not in America, but if you have, even the slightest amount of love for soccer, yesterday is what you live for. It had it all, late goals, back and fourth standings switching, Americans being terrible at soccer. I promise, that’ll be the last thing i say on the USMNT, for I plan on ranting and raving in a separate blog. As for the rest of the world, it’s been a crazy couple of days.

It was d-day in soccer. The playing field for PutinMania 18 has been leveled down to 23 + Playoff winners. Let’s take a quick look at who has gotten a ticket to Russia.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 12.04.49 PM
(Yeah it’s Wikipedia, so what!)

8 teams qualified over this international break. More like 9 because there was no shot Germany was going to lose to any of the bums in group C. Northern Ireland? Yeah ok. Czech Republic? Child please. Spain was almost a no doubter after dragging their balls all over Italy in September. So make it 10.

6 teams qualified over the break, and we got some NOTICEABLE absentees. First of all Chi-Chi-Chi-le-le-le did NOT qualify. Not only did Brazil go in, with the mentality of winning, but they putting a whopping on the, back-to-back, Copa America winners. In a must win, missing R2-D2 Vidal, Claudi-doh (shoutout Homer Simpson) Bravo, and Alexi Sanches bent over, tipped their hats, and called Brazil their Daddy. When in a must win situation, you’ve won back-to-back Copa America’s, and are the runner up’s to Confed Cup, you CANNOT, get beat 3-0. Not when your chances of World Cup are on the line. And give credit where credit is due, Brazil is a POWER house again. More than before. No 7-1 loss is in their future AT ALL. And Peru has been grinding to getting to Russia. I mean GRINDING.

Peru hasn’t clinched the WC since 1982. And now they claim the inter-continental playoff spot, in a home-away matches against New Zealand. In other words, we welcome Peru to Russia because, New Zealand.

One ocean away, European qualifiers saw the death of Netherlands. Those scumbag, flopping assholes, yes I’m Mexican (#NoEraPenal). I almost feel bad for for them. This historical country with names like, Johan Cruyff, Dennis Bergkamp, Marco van Basten, and Edgar Davies, their hopes of getting in the World Cup was hanging on 120 year old Arjen Robben, and Memphis Depay. Memphis fucking Depay. Yes, Memphis has reenergized his career in France, but if he’s your second best player, you shouldn’t even be allowed to qualify. Point being, they needed to win by 7 goals, and now they’ll be watching the WC at home. In the other matches no surprises really. Ronny and co. got a 2-0 W with Madonna in the crowd.

Wales and Ireland match did not disappoint. Ireland 1-0 win takes them to the playoff round, where the draw is set for next Monday, October 17. Teams in that draw include,

Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norther Ireland, Republic of Ireland, and Greece.

Expect a lot of heated balls to put Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, and Denmark. Oh yeah, what a coincidence Italy plays Greece. For Sure NOT!

Be on the lookout for a blog solely dedicated to CONCACAF, the US of A, Panama, etc. In the mean time, enjoy these gems we got over the international break, including my twitter, “beef,” with FuboTV. Deuces.

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