USA, CONCACAF, and that mess that happened on Tuesday.

Hey, @SenorBautista (follow me on the tweety), it’s almost been a week since that tragedy. Now you decide to blog about the US missing PutinMania 18? Now that the dust has settled, and Americans have gone back to not giving a shit about soccer? You’re goddam right. It has took me a while to get back into the blogging. But like any great human on this earth, i’ll leave it for tomorrow. Well, tomorrow has come, and I need to get some shit off of my chest.

We’ll start off at the top. Sunil Gulati…(dramatic pause), YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!! Resign!!! The fact that they haven’t fired you is BLASPHEMOUS! GET OUT OF THIS TEAM!! I would be utterly ashamed, to fail to qualify, and still show up to work the next day. It’s sad!! It’s unexcussible!! Heads need to roll! Gulati? GONE! Bruce Arenas? GONE! Old washed up players? GONE! Don’t give me, “we still believe in Gulati.” HORSESHIT!! Change NOW! Not tomorrow! Not next Monday! IT CANNOT WAIT!!! Right NOW!! He better be gone by 12 a.m tonite! It’s pathetic.

Bruce Arenas… YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!! Resign!!! 2-1 to TnT? 2-1 to TnT!! Not Mexico, not Costa Rica! Trinidad and Tobago! The country with a smaller population than, San Antonio. Fuck outta here! My fingers are addicted to using the exclamation point, because I want you to read this, the same way I am writing this. With Anger, stress, ill-intention, and good ‘ole Johnny Walker. Even as a red blooded Mexican, this upsets me, more than when Mex barely made it to playoff spot (shout out Graham Zusi). And 4 years later, the shoe was on the other foot, and Mexico went out and played like SHIT! Absolute terrible play vs Honduras. But I digress, Bruce Arenas UFUKU! Oh by the way, as I write this, Bruce Arenas has resigned.

Free at last, free at last, by god almighty we are free at last! Look, I have nothing against Bruce Arena. Scratch that, I have him getting a big fat L against TnT, but, he was given a little less than year to work with the team. He wasn’t set up for failure, but he did give himself a chance to succeed. Now, the search for a new, hopefully international HC is on. We have 4 years to get it right. I expect nothing less than a Semi final appearance. Hopefully Man City, gets a title, and Pep is available for 2022. Need a no nonsense, hard nose coach, and I can’t think of any better.

So, we got one down, one more to go. Gulati, I’m looking at you. To be quiet honest, that breaking news got me off track. I written a little much, so we’ll end class here. Reconvene on the next breaking news. Probably when Gulati quits! He deserves to make a walk of shame. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!!

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