Ronald Koeman gets the Boot from Everton

You know, life moves awfully fast. One minute you change a culture, and establish a winning formula at Southampton, the next you have Evertonians at your feet, while simultaneously being a candidate for one of the most prestigious jobs on earth, Barcelona manager, and the next you get sacked and leave your team 18th in the Prem, and last place in the Europa League group. Don’t think life is fast? All that occurred in less than 3 years.

And this didn’t really come out of left field. Evertonians we’re getting sick of him. They were marching in the streets yelling what could only be interpreted as, “Coming Out!!” ENGLISH Scousers!!! Try it one time for me, please! But I digress, Koeman was given literally anything he wanted. “Bring in Schneiderlin from ManU? Sure.” “What’s that? Overpay for Gylfi Sigurdsson? No problem.”

But I don’t entirely blame Koeman for the terrible play on the field. Players like Lewin, Holgate, and Sigurdsson looking like total flops this year isn’t helping. And Koeman goes out to bring in his Southampton RB, backup no less, Cuco Martina, and placing him in the first eleven is criminal.

The winers of all this has to be Southampton, who got paid to let Koeman walk. As far as where RK will go from here, who knows. Maybe he gets a chance to coach his National team Holland, and maybe shape them back into an actual competitive national team. Koeman leaves Everton with a win percentage of 41. The lowest he’s had since his time at. Valencia.


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